Charter fee includes using of boats. Charter feee does not include harbour or other dues and fuel.
Completely equipped boats may be chartered only if the payment was discharged in full.
If the charterer cancels the charter for any reason he could transfer his rights and commitments to other person by preliminary arrangement with the lessor. If the charterer does not find other person the cancellation expenses would be charged out of deposit as follows: 
- cancellation up to 2 months before charter 30% of charter fee
- cancellation up to 1 month before charter 50% of charter fee
- cancellation within 1 month before charter 100% of charter fee
Insurance of reimbursement is recommended.
The lessor will provide only completely equipped boats, with full fuel tanks and in faultless condition. The same condition of the boat is expected at returning of the boat. If the lessor is for any reason not able to provide the reserved boat at scheduled place on scheduled time he could provide other boat, at least identical to the reserved one. If the reserved boat is not provided within 24 hours the charterer could cancel the charter and claim the reimbursement of the charter fee paid. Any other claim for reimbursement is not included. At the takeover the charterer has to check and carefully test the condition of the boat and equipment according to the inventory list. Possible hidden faults of boat or equipment unidentified by the lessor at the takeover, or possible faults during the chartering of boat are not to be claimed for decreasing the charter fee. 
If the further navigation is not possible for any reason or scheduled return of the boat has to be exceeded the base master had to be contacted for further instruction. In case of exceeding the scheduled return of the boat for weather conditions the charterer covers all the expenses that could derive to the lessor. 
Therefore it is recommended to plan the safe route and to return to marina in the evening day before returning the boat. 
The caution-money has to be deposited according to the valid price list at the takeover of the boat. It is returned back in full in case the boat is returned undamaged and on scheduled time. The caution-money has to be deposited in case the boat is chartered with skipper too. The charterer covers all the expenses derived from negligence and/or loss of part(s). 
The boat has Third person liability and Full comprehensive insurance on registered value of the boat for all the risks covered by the insurance policy. 
If damage occurs during the charter the charterer does not have to cover expenses (in case of normal exhaustion or exceeding of the deposit amount). For reparation the instructions of the lessor or the base master is needed. 
In case of larger damage, as in case of collision with other boats, reporting at the nearest Port authority is needed. The protocol ( incident development, estimation of the damage ) has to be made for the insurance company and the lessor has to be informed. If the charterer does not fulfill all the commitments he could be charged for all the damage. 
Damage on sails is not covered by the insurance and the charterer covers all the expenses. The same situation results for damage on engine caused by loss of oil. The charterer has to check the level of engine oil every day. 
Personal items are not covered by the insurance. It is recommended to insure them individually by the charterer. 
The charterer is obliged to sail within Croatian territorial waters; all the exceptions need special approval or licence. It is not permitted to sub-lease the boat or transfer it to the third person, to embark more persons than on the crew-list, to sail at night during unsafe weather conditions or to violate public regulations, rules or laws.The charterer is responsible for all the consequences. The charterer, or the skipper, has to have valid licence for sailing at open sea with radio-operator's licence included. 
In case of failure on the boat or its equipment the charterer has to inform the lessor immediately using the phone numbers stipulated in boat documentation. The lessor is obliged to promptly correct the failure.In case the failure is corrected within 24 hours the charterer has no right to reimbursement.The charterer is obliged to inform authorities and the lessor in case of loss of the boat or its equipment, malfunction in operating the boat, dispossession, confiscation or prohibition of navigation by the state authorities or other persons. The charterer bears all the responsibility towards the lessor for all the consequences. 
In case of the embarkation of dog the charterer is obliged to inform the lessor in advance and to pay down extra cleaning expense in amount of 75,00 EUR. 
Only the complaints in written form delivered at returning of the boat and signed by both parties will be taken into consideration. 
In case that a dispute cannot be mutually settled the arbitration is under the jurisdiction of the lessor's Court in Zadar 
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Extra Remise Extra Remise

11/05/2019 - 18/05/2019
Couchette: 6+2
1.000€ 600€/ 7 jours
per person 75€/ 7 jours
Cab.: 3 / WC: 2
11/05/2019 - 18/05/2019
Couchette: 6+2
1.000€ 600€/ 7 jours
per person 75€/ 7 jours
Cab.: 3 / WC: 2
11/05/2019 - 18/05/2019
Couchette: 8+2
1.190€ 774€/ 7 jours
per person 77€/ 7 jours
Cab.: 4 / WC: 2
Lieu: Sukošan

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