Company Euroyacht d.o.o (hereinafter: EY) is specialized to provide active nautical recreation
services and relying on the general conditions (referred to below), provides customers with a
multi-day accommodation service on commercial vessels for holiday and recreation purposes.
The confirmed reservation, i.e. the paid advance payment by the future client of the EY service
(hereinafter referred to as: the client) implies entering into a legal relationship with EY, which
confirms the consent to the further specified conditions. The following conditions are the basis
for resolving possible disputes between the client and EY. All stated in these terms and
conditions is a legal obligation for both, the client and EY.
EY guarantees that all of its vessels are technically correct, professionally maintained, apt for
navigation, that they have licence to sail or certificate of the ability of the sailing vessel.
The prices of boat rentals and the use of accommodation on the vessel are published in Euro
(€), in the current valid price list by EY. During the payment of the contracted service, the
middle exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank shall be calculated on the day of payment
and includes the value added tax in the amount prescribed by the current regulations. By
charging a contracted service, it is assumed that the client will use a technically correct, clean
vessel with full fuel tanks, the use of vessels and devices, required casco insurance of the vessel,
insurance according to the terms of a particular insurance policy for a particular vessel, a bond
in the marinas and navigation permission.
The right to prices from the valid price list as well as the confirmation of the declared
reservation is realized by the client by paying the advance in the amount of 50% of the amount
of the entire lease. 4 weeks before the date of the boat's takeover, the remaining amount of
the total price is paid in order to allow the client sufficient time to prepare crew members, pay
travel and health insurance, find the appropriate skipper, and so on.
By completing all of the cash payments, in accordance with the booking process under the
above conditions, and with a certified account issued by EY, as well as fulfilling all the other
conditions and obligations stipulated in these general terms, the client is free to take over the
vessel for use in the agreed period.
The price of accommodation on vessels does not include a "package" of travel insurance:
insurance against the risk of an accident and illness on the trip, insurance against damage and
loss of luggage, and voluntary health insurance. Also, boat accommodation prices do not cover
the cost of marinas during charter, fuel costs and other necessities, ports take, parking cars, as
well as crew health insurance.
EY reserves the right to change the price list without prior notice. In such a way, the price list
becomes valid on the day of its publication on the company's official website
In the case of parallel promotions, discounts do not add up. Discounts are not valid for the last
minute offer.
When making a reservation, the client is obliged to EY that all the data necessary for the
execution its, is true.
• 1 week before the start of the lease, the client is obliged to deliver the EY list of crew-lists with
full names, date and place of birth, address, citizenship, and the type and number of the valid
identification document, in the case of skipper, also the number of the valid shipping license.
• Possession of valid travel documents. The costs of theft and / or loss of documents during the
period of use of the vessel are exclusively borne by the client.
• The Client is obliged to conscientiously and carefully manage the vessel, inventory and
equipment and not to operate the vessel under the alcohol or narcotics, and that in every way
will behave responsibly towards the vessel as someone else's property in its current use.
• The Client is obliged to request the written consent of EY, if he wishes to sail outside the
territorial sea of the Republic of Croatia.
• The Client is obliged to sail exclusively in secure weather conditions and with good visibility
and avoid obviously dangerous areas.
• The Client is obliged to adjust the navigation to atmospheric conditions and capabilities of the
crew, or will it allow unnecessary loads of masts, sails and ropes
• The Client is obliged to understand the printed material prepared on board.
• The Client is obliged not to leave the port or anchorage if the vessel or some piece of
equipment important for the safety of the navigation itself is not in operation.
• The Client is obliged not to leave the port at the issued ban on navigation by the port
authorities and in case of insufficient fuel supplies.
• The Client is obliged not to board a vessel for a larger number of persons than the number of
persons for which the vessel is envisaged and not to be accommodated by persons not listed in
the crew list.
• The Client is obliged not to give the vessel for surrender, nor to grant it to use a third person.
• The Client is obliged not to use the vessel for commercial purposes (transport of goods and
persons for a fee), professional fishing, sailing school and similar activities.
• The Client is obliged not to tug another vessel, to take all preventive measures in order to
avoid situations in which the vessel used should be stitched.
• The Client is obliged not to participate in the regatta or racing of the vessel without the
written consent of EY.
• The Client is obliged to notify EY in the event of damage to the vessel or its equipment as a
consequence of the consumption of the material. EY is required to fix the malfunction within 24
hours of receiving the application. If the malfunction is corrected by EY within 24 hours, the
client is not entitled to compensation. The phone numbers to report any malfunction are in the
ship's papers.
• The Client is obliged to record the course of the event and immediately notify the EY in the
event of an accident, damage to the vessel or fractures, submit a marine accident report to the
nearest port authority, and seek certification by the port authority, the doctor or the competent
authority about it. Phone numbers used for this type of notification are contained in ship
• The Client is obliged to all liability and reimbursement of all costs to EY, assuming that they
are caused by acts and omissions by the client and crew members, and for which EY materially
and criminally responds to a third party.
• The Client is obliged to compensate EY for any damage caused by unauthorized actions and
omissions of the client, which is not covered by the insurance, for which EY corresponds to a
third party.
• The Client is obliged to immediately notify the EY and the competent authorities in the event
of the vessel's missing and associated equipment, inability to operate the vessel, and in case of
seizure, seizure or prohibiting measures by state authorities or third parties, and that it will
assume all and exclusive liability in case of seizure vessels by an official state authority for
inappropriate or illegal actions (commercial fishing, extraction of seawater from antiquity etc.)
taken during the use of the vessel during the rental period.
• The Client is obliged to check the amount of oil in the engine every day. The client shall bear
the costs and losses incurred as a result of the disappearance and / or lack of oil in the engine,
as well as any other motor damage that is not covered by the insurance of the vessel.
• The Client is obliged to request the written permission of EY for boarding pets on board (dogs,
cats, birds ...). Pets are not allowed on board.
• The lease agreement is terminated if it is established that some of the crew members have
violated some applicable law and / or law of the Republic of Croatia and that EY can freely
dispose of the vessel, without any right to compensation by the client. EY is relieved of any
liability with the competent state authorities, since any responsibility for committed offenses
and / or criminal offenses before the competent authorities will be borne by the client and crew
members themselves.
• The liability of the client for all violations of the rules of navigation and other rules, committed
during the chartering of the vessel, does not expire after the expiry of the lease.
• In the event that the vessel must remain in the port due to repairs or events that cannot be
attributed to EY's intent or gross negligence, the client is not entitled to compensation for
damages if the repair does not exceed ¼ of the entire period of stay on board. Otherwise, the
client is entitled to a fee on a prorated basis. The second compensation on this basis by EY is not
• In case there is a reasonable suspicion that the vessel has been damaged in its underwater
part during the duration of the stay, the vessel must be brought to the nearest port in order to
underwater inspection of the vessel and, if necessary, arrange the boat to dry. The costs of
transporting the vessel, underwater inspection of the vessel and lifting the vessel to dry are
borne solely by the client.
• In the case of pollution, when charging fuel tanks or storing garbage and waste outside the
prescribed places, the customer is responsible only.
In order to act contrary to the undertaken obligations, the material and criminal responsibility is
borne and taken solely by the client even after the expiration of the period of use of the service
of the stay on board.
All property and non-pecuniary damage suffered by the damage of the above-mentioned
obligations made by the client and its passengers will be collected from the client's bail deposit,
and by EY. If the amount of the deposit paid is less than the damage sustained, the client shall
personally be liable for the difference between the damage suffered and the amount of the
deposit paid.
In case of cancellation of the confirmed reservation of the vessel, it must be done in writing (email
or mail by registered way) to the EY addresses indicated on the company's official website.
The date on which EY received a written notice of cancellation is the basis for calculating
cancellation costs in the following way:
• For a cancellation up to two months before the start of the service, the EY charges 30% of the
total price. The rest of the money is returned to the client at the expense of the recipient.
• To cancel up to one month before the start of using the service, EY charges 50% of the total
price. The rest of the money is returned to the client at the expense of the recipient.
• To cancel within one month before the start of the service, the EY charges 100% of the total
price, since in this case it is considered that the Client has not given up the service and that
accordingly he reserves the right to refer to the service of using the vessel of another user.
• For cancellation after the vessel is taken over, EY keeps 100% of the total price and charges
the client for any costs incurred as a result of the cancellation.
EY charges only to the customer the difference between the original agreed price and the actual
price that is agreed with the new user, if the client cancelling the chartered vessel, when
cancelling the reservation, solely finds a new user of the same reservation, who is ready to
assume his rights and obligations. In the event of changes and non-performance of paid services
or part of services caused by force majeure (war, riots, strikes, terrorist actions, sanitary
disorders, natural disasters, interventions of the competent authorities, etc.), EY excludes any
EY is obliged to hand over to the client a technically correct and fully equipped full-tank vessel,
clean and neat, ready for sailing.
If, for any reason not attributable to the Force Majeure, the EY is not able to deliver to the client
a reserved vessel at the agreed time, the EY has a time period of 24 hours, to make available to
the client another vessel of similar characteristics. In the event of an unscheduled task by EY,
the client has the option to terminate the contract and request a refund of all payments made.
If the client decides to wait for the replacement vessel and beyond the contracted deadline
(24.00), it also has the possibility to claim an amount equal to the value of daily use of the
vessel for the number of days for which it was unable to dispose of the vessel (contractual
penalty). The liability of EY for the amount exceeding the agreed price of the vessel is excluded
and the client is denied the right to claim compensation for damage caused by the inability to
surrender the contracted vessel at the agreed time and place.
If the client, without notice, does not take over the vessel even after 48 hours of the contracted
takeover time, the EY is authorized to unilaterally terminate the contract on the use of the
vessel for the exclusive damage of the client, and the client has no right to subsequently claim
any amount of money on the basis of the termination of the contract.
The client has the unconditional obligation to deposit the EY cash amount on the basis of the
bail, as a guarantee that all possible losses or damages incurred during the use of the vessel will
be recovered, and if they are not covered by the insurance policy. The deposit is left in cash or
via a device that automatically makes pre-authorization.
If for any reason the client does not want or is not able to leave the required cash amount on
bail, EY reserves the right to terminate the contract at the expense of the client and keep the
entire amount paid for the name of the guest's stay on board.
The deposit is returned to the customer as soon as the representative of EY determines that the
vessel has been returned to the agreed time at the agreed place, duly and undamaged, with full
fuel tanks and provided that they do not exist, and the requirements of third parties in relation
to the client have been announced are related to the customer's use of the vessel.
In the event of gross negligence or damages to the vessel and / or equipment and in case of loss
of one or more parts, the client shall bear all the costs. EY shall retain the amount of the deposit
corresponding to the value of the repair, purchase and / or purchase of equipment or of a
particular part of the vessel. If due to damage / loss of the vessel / equipment it is not possible
to continue to rent the vessel EY will retain the amount of bail, corresponding to the amount of
lost profit.
Instead of a regular security deposit, the client may choose to pay damage waiver, to inform EY
service provider at the latest one week before the start of the lease.
Damage waiver is a non-refundable amount that the client pays to a bank account (transaction)
of EY or in the base by credit card or cash (only kuna, Croatian currency). When a customer pays
a damage waiver, he is not required to leave a security bail. Damage waiver does not include:
fuel costs, clogged toilet, deliberate negligence, vandalism, loss of dinghy, loss of outboard
engine, loss of anchor and chain, broken sails (due to negligence) and damage caused to the
Damage waiver is not possible for regattas.
A deposit is also required in cases where the vessel is leased with a skipper engaged by EY.
During the check-in, the customer undertakes to examine and carefully check the general
condition of the vessels and equipment and determine whether the inventory and equipment
are in fact in accordance with the existing handover list. Any hidden deficiencies and
shortcomings of the vessel and / or equipment, which EY could not be known during the
surrender of the vessel, as well as the defects and defects that occurred after the surrender of
the vessel, which EY could not foresee, do not entitle the client to seek a reduction in the rental
price. Possible complaints are submitted exclusively in writing form, before the beginning of the
The inconsistency of the equipment and inventory of the vessels with the inventory list received
by the client at the time of booking do not give a basis for the client to request the reduction of
the agreed price or the basis for claiming damage compensation, provided the safety of the
navigation is unrestricted.
The vessel is committed to using the client with all valid documents required for rent (license,
registration, ...) as well as other attachments from the ship's folder (a list of port authorities, gas
stations, etc.). The Client is obliged to pay attention to all received documents and return the EY
undamaged when returning the vessel.
If the client loses or damages any of the documents downloaded or part of it, EY reserves the
right, without prior consent, to charge a one-time penalty of EUR 100.00 to the client. The
stated amount will be charged from the bail and will use the middle exchange rate of the
Croatian National Bank for the calculation, on the day of payment.
Faults, deviations of instruments, or similar problems with equipment and inventory do not give
the client the right to refuse check, stop travel, and request reimbursement of the paid price
and / or bail, provided that the correct navigation is enabled by conventional methods and if
the safety of the ship and the crew guarantees good navigation.
EY has the right to refuse to submit the vessel to an independent possession of the client in the
event that
• The stay is not fully paid
• The client did not leave a bail or at least secure it
• The client does not have all the necessary documents (passport or ID card), a boat
management license accepted by the Ministry of the Sea, a VHF / GMDSS license
• During the check-in or during the test drive, a skipper does not have the necessary
qualifications to perform this duty.
In case of an extension of the period of use of the on-board service, the customer must contact
EY, return to the agreed port and request the EY's written consent for the new time and place
of return of the vessel. Contracted boat service is considered extended only at the moment
when the client from EY takes over the written consent for the extension of the used service.
If the client wishes to take over the role of the master of the vessel, he must have compulsory
marine knowledge and skills and a valid license for the operation of the vessel on the open sea,
as well as a certificate of passing the GMDSS radio test passed. In case of lack of required
documents, knowledge and skills, the client is obliged to take care that the vessel is managed
exclusively by the crew member who has them.
In the case of a voyage inspection at sea, prescribed by the legislation, EY has the right to
request that the crew member designated for the vessel's commander demonstrates his
knowledge and skills. The time spent on testing is included in the contracted period of use of
the vessel.
If it is established, by EY when testing that the client, or the client proposed by the client, does
not have sufficient knowledge, experience and / or valid permits for navigation, EY will join the
crews of the official skipper, at an additional charge in accordance with the official price list. Not
accepting an approved skipper by the client, EY has the right to prohibit the departure of the
vessel, terminate the contract exclusively at the detriment of the client and fully retain the paid
rent. The right to compensation of damages by the client is not possible.
The client is obliged to notify EY when booking for skipper services.
The client is obliged to return the vessel at the agreed time, not later than 9 am on the last day
of the contracted use of the vessel for the purpose of accommodating passengers, in the
contract defined port destination, neatly and cleanly, with full fuel tank, ready for further
navigation, or in the same condition as it was taken. The client is obliged to take out his garbage
from the vessel and throw it at the prescribed garbage dump in the marina.
If, during any trip, a further ride for any reason is not possible and / or exceed the agreed return
date inevitably, due to obtaining further instructions, the manager of the base and EY must also
be notified. Adverse atmospheric conditions are not justification for exceeding the agreed
return date.
Upon exceeding the agreed return date, the client guarantees that for any delay up to 12 hours,
will pay an additional 2% of the rental price for each hour of delay. For a delay of more than 12
hours from the agreed hour of return of the vessel, the client is obliged to pay the daily cost of
using the vessel for each subsequent calendar day. All costs incurred by EY due to delay in the
surrender of the vessel are attributed to the client. Deviations from this rule are possible, but
only with the prior agreement of the client and EY.
In case of returning the vessel to the port that is not contracted as the port of destination, EY
reserves the right immediately all the costs incurred for the vessel's transfer to the agreed
destination port and the agreed penalty in the amount of 2% of the agreed price for each hour
of delay and compensation for all damages not covered by the insurance policy, which occurred
during the transfer, shall be charged primarily from the amount of the bail. If the costs and
contractual penalty exceed the amount of the bail, the client undertakes to immediately settle
the difference.
The Client is obliged to report to the representative of EY all possible defects and damages. If
damage has occurred in the underwater part of the vessel or there is any doubt about it, a
detailed inspection of the vessel should be carried out by hiring a diver or a crane. The manner
in which the review will be performed is decided by EY, and the costs of the procedure are
borne by the client.
If the client attempts to cover up the damage or loss that occurred during the use of the vessel,
he is obliged to pay the EY penalty in the amount of € 200, and compensate the damage done.
The average exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank will be used for the calculation, on the
day of payment.
EY will charge refuelling, as well as a refund of the fuel refuelling service in the amount of 50,00
Euro (for the calculation, the average exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank will be used
on the day of payment), in case the client does not return the full-vessel vessel. If the vessel is
returned incorrectly and impure, EY will charge a special cleaning fee and manipulative costs
due to the need to engage a cleaning service from the amount of the bail.
When submitting the vessel, the general condition of the vessel and equipment is checked, and
a comparison of the inventory and equipment with the inventory list by the representative EY
(check out).
The vessel is insured for damages inflicted to third parties, and third party liability (mandatory
insurance). The vessel is also insured in the reported value of the vessel for the risks to the
insurance policy. In accordance with the terms of insurance, the concluded Casco insurance
covers damages, over the amount of the deposit, but not damages caused intentionally or for
gross negligence.
EY is not responsible for the loss and / or damage to the property of the client and other crew
members, as well as others of the property, deposited and stored on board, operating vehicle
or EY. By paying the necessary advance payment, and agreeing to the general terms and
conditions of the boat charter, the client waives all claims for damages in respect to EY, and is
associated with losses and / or damage to personal and / or other property.
All damages and / or losses must be reported to the EY immediately after the occurrence. In
case of major damage, as well as in the participation of several vessels, it is necessary to report
the case to the competent port authority, and to ask for appropriate documents that will be
subsequently handed over to the insurer. There is a possibility that damages covered by the
insurance policy, which have not been immediately reported to the EY, to the competent
authorities or the insurer, and for which there is no all necessary documentation, will not be
recognized in accordance with the terms and conditions of insurance, in which case they will be
solely solicited and a personal client.
In case of damage to the vessel, the client is entitled to bear the costs in accordance with the
existing conditions of Casco insurance, only up to the amount of bail. The costs of all damages
to vessels and / or equipment caused by gross negligence and / or loss of one or more parts of
the equipment shall be borne exclusively by the client in full amount.
Sails are not insured and the costs incurred by damage of sails are borne by the client. The
client is not responsible solely in case of natural sails wear or in the event of damage to the
cores caused by broken mast.
The client is responsible for engine damage caused by a lack of oil in the engine, as these
damages are not covered by insurance, as well as for any costs caused by engine damage.
All damages or defects that have arisen or occurred while the vessel was under the
responsibility of the client (during the use of the residence service), which are not related to the
depreciation of the vessel, is settled by the client, in person. Prior to the repair or purchase, the
customer should immediately contact EY and reach an agreement with EY on the technical
justification of the necessary repairs and the method of collecting damages.
All damages or defects that have arisen or occurred while the vessel was under the
responsibility of the client, which are related to the depreciation of the vessel, is covered by EY.
Prior to the repair, the client must agree with EY on the financial and technical justification of
the necessary repair. The client settles the invoice on the spot and is responsible to keep the
same, in order to be fully refunded when submitting the vessel.
EY does not bear any responsibility regarding the installation and use of the safety net on
board. The client accepts the fact that he uses the security network solely on his own
The Client undertakes to notify EY of any defects and damages immediately upon their
occurrence and regardless of the cause. EY will instruct the client in the manner of carrying out
the necessary work and / or replacement of the equipment. The client will bear the costs in case
of unauthorized repair and replacement of equipment parts.
If the client finds that the services are incomplete and / or inaccurately executed by EY, the
client has the right to complain. The client has the option of requesting a reasonable
compensation only if he makes a written complaint at the return of the vessel (check-out) and
encloses all the relevant documentation. A written complaint should be signed mutually; by the
client and EY representative. EY will not be considered for subsequent received and incomplete
documented complaints. EY is obliged to make a written decision on the received complaint
within 15 days after receiving it. EY may, with the prior written consent of the client, postpone
the deadline for resolving the complaint for collecting information and verifying the allegation
of complaint in persons directly or indirectly involved in the complaint for a maximum of 7
additional days.
The client waives the intermediation of any other person, the arbitration of the UHPA, the
judicial institution, or the provision of information in public media until EY makes a decision on
the complaint.
The maximum compensation for the complaint can reach the amount of the advertised part of
the service, and cannot include already used services or the total amount of the lease. On the
basis of the above, the right of the client to compensate for non-pecuniary damage is excluded.
For unfavourable climatic conditions, cleanliness and temperature of the sea in the destinations
of navigation, and all other similar situations and events that can cause dissatisfaction with the
client, and do not directly concern the quality of the hired boat (dirty sea, bad weather, badly
regulated beaches, excessive crowds, theft or damage to crew members' property, etc.), EY is
not responsible.
In the event of a dispute, the jurisdiction of the court in Zagreb shall be agreed. The parties are
referred to a peaceful and consensual resolution. If it is not possible, they are legally entitled to
initiate court proceedings.
The general terms and conditions become valid on the day of publication on the company's
official website ( and are considered available to all third parties on
the day of publication.
Any change and addition to these general terms and conditions of boat chartering is possible
and valid only in written form. The client confirms the reservation and the payment of the
agreed price confirms his consent to the above conditions, regardless of whether he has read
and understood it. General terms and directions to the trip exclude all previous conditions and
travel directions.
The general terms and conditions obligate all clients without exception, regardless of whether
the reservation is confirmed directly through EY or through an authorized agent. No one can
invoke the circumstance that the General Conditions were not known and / or interpreted.
In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of
27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data
and on the free movement of such data and the abrogation of Directive 95/46 / EC (General
Regulation on the Protection data), EY applies in full the principles of the present Regulation
Personal data is any information relating to an individual whose identity has been identified or
can be identified ("respondent"); an individual whose identity can be identified is a person who
can be identified directly or indirectly, in particular by means of identifiers such as name,
identification number, location data, network identifier or with the help of one or more factors
specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental , economic, cultural or social identity of
that individual.
In the course of its activity, EY collects, uses, transmits and otherwise processes personal data
of its clients, employees and business partners and other individuals whose identity can be
determined directly or indirectly (hereinafter: Respondents).
Depending on the nature of the joint business or other relationship, EY can dispose of different
personal data of the Examiner. This includes identification and contact information, financial
data, transaction data, contracted services and products, invoices, correspondence addressed
to EY, and documented data (eg copy of ID, passport, certificates of professional qualifications,
credit cards, etc.) and publicly available data.
EY processes personal data and may use them only for the purposes for which it was collected.
The processing of personal data is permitted only and to the extent that at least one of the
following principles is fulfilled:
• processing is necessary to comply with EY legal obligations;
• processing is necessary for the execution of a contract in which the Respondent is a
contracting party or in order to take action on the request of the Respondent prior to the
conclusion of the contract in the field of activity EY;
• processing is necessary for the needs of legitimate business interests of EY or a third party,
unless such interests reinforce the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the
Examinees that require the protection of personal data;
• The day is explicitly consented by the Examiner.
EY undertakes to process personal data lawfully, fairly and transparently with respect to the
Examiner, collect them for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes and will not further process
them in a manner that is inconsistent with these purposes, nor is further processing for archival
purposes in the public interest, for the purpose of scientific or historical research or for
statistical purposes.
The information EY legitimately processes collects from the Examiner during its establishment
and during the duration of the business relationship, during the interview with the Respondent
in the Agency's office, when using the EY Internet pages, in electronic messages and letters and
other documents, when concluding an employment contract with EY employees performing
other activities for which EY is authorized.
In cases where personal data are not obtained directly from the Examiner, EY is obligated to the
Respondent; additionally provide information on the categories of personal data in question,
the source of personal data and whether they come from publicly available sources.
The above information will be provided to the respondent within a reasonable time, depending
on the circumstances of each particular case.
In certain cases, EY may request the consent of the Examination to process personal data for
certain purposes. When processing the personal data of the Tester is based on consent, the
Respondent may at any time withdraw the consent, but this will not affect the legality of the
processing based on consent before it is withdrawn. Retirement is enabled in the same way as
giving it.
Fundamental rights of respondents whose personal data are processed:
• The right to be informed about the collection and any further processing of personal data;
• The right to give up the consent to the processing of personal data and to request the
termination of personal data processing.
• The right to view personal data contained in data collections.
• The right to correct supplement or delete personal data contained in data collections if
personal data are inaccurate or incomplete.
• The right to oppose the processing of data for marketing purposes.
• The right to object to the competent regulatory authority.
• The right to object to the collection and processing of personal data in which case EY can no
longer process data unless it proves that there are compelling legitimate reasons for processing
prescribed by the introductory Regulation or the positive regulations of the Republic of Croatia,
which exceed the interests, rights and freedoms of the Exhibitor, or the defence of legal
The respondent has the right to erase personal data related to him without undue delay, and
the manager of the processing is obligated to delete personal data without undue delay if one
of the conditions prescribed by Article 17 of the Regulation (the right to oblivion) is fulfilled.
If the EY has the explicit and voluntary approval of the Examiner, the EY can use personal
information to inform the Respondents about their products, services and offers that they find
potentially important or interesting to them. EY allows the Respondent to ask at any time to
stop advertising him.
EY must keep the personal data of the Examiner in accordance with special legal regulations
governing the obligation to store certain categories of data for a longer or shorter period of
In accordance with its objective possibilities, EY undertakes appropriate technical and
organizational measures to ensure the necessary protection of personal data. These measures
specifically relate to computers (servers and workstations), networks and communications links
and applications.
Only authorized EY employees who are familiar with the terms of data confidentiality are
involved in processing them. It is forbidden to use these data for personal use or to make them
available to any unauthorized party. In this context, unauthorized employees are also
considered employees whose access to these data is not necessary for fulfilling work
obligations. The obligation of confidentiality is valid even after the termination of employment.
According to the law in the Regulation how many of the Respondents have any inquiry about
how EY uses his personal information or wishes to file an objection to personal data processing,
they may contact EY in writing to the company's official address or through the publicly-listed
official e-mail address EY undertakes to respond to any objection or query
relating to the personal data of the applicant / complaint in the shortest possible time.
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Lieu: Empuriabrava
03/09/2022 - 17/09/2022
Couchette: 10+3
4.200€ 3.150€/ 7 jours
per person 242€/ 7 jours
Cab.: 6 / WC: 4
03/09/2022 - 10/09/2022
Couchette: 6+2
2.890€ 2.168€/ 7 jours
per person 271€/ 7 jours
Cab.: 3 / WC: 2
Lieu: Messina

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Beaucoup d’entre vous connaissent la Croatie comme une destination touristique et de voile très recherchée. Mais avez-vous entendu parler d’un joyau situé dans la péninsule d’Istrie appelé Rovinj ?
Croisière dans la marina ACI, de Rovinj: Nous arrivions du nord et nous nous sommes approchés de la marina ACI entre l’île Sainte-Catherine et le brise-lames du port de la ville,...
Nous profitions d’un voyage en voilier autour de cette partie pittoresque du monde - l’archipel d’îles au large du nord de la Croatie connu sous le nom de Brijuni. Notre yacht...